Hey guys, I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with the Builder rank. I've noticed that there have been some people who are a bit confused about the expectations and requirements of Builder. So, I thought I'd put together a little guide for people who are curious about the builder rank, are applying for Builder, and all in all just to clear up any confusion or lingering questions that you guys might have. So with all introductions out of the way, let's get started.

Applying for Builder:

Firstly if you're planning on applying, one thing that is required is that you have to be Member+ or above and have your Builder Star. If you don't know already, you receive the Builder Star by building two builds that can be used by the server. Some builds that would fall into this category include but are not limited to:

- Arenas for mini-games(TNT-run, Battleground(PVP), Paintball, MobArena, etc..)
- Informational Warps
- Hubs, Lobbies, etc..

If you already have your builder star, great but you're not finished yet. We look for people who have a decent(maybe 4-6+) number of Builder Star worthy builds before or during the applying process. You could have the most amazing skills when it comes to building but that alone won't get you very far. It's the other way around as well. You could have maybe a hundred builds that you have made for the server, but you might want to pay attention to the quality of which you make your builds. My advice is to find a good balance between having quality builds and having a good quantity.

So now that you have your builder star and racked up some other good builds for the server, you're ready to apply. When you're applying, make it in a separate thread and title it "USERNAME Builder Application" and PLEASE follow the format which can be found here. If your application is not in the correct format, then you have a very slim chance of actually succeeding. Make sure to vote and maintain your AR time. Other things to make sure of when making your application is to post screenshots of builds that you have made. Please don't post anything too repetitive. Another thing that we look for is people who are actively contributing to the server. Perhaps while your application is up, to boast your chances a bit, you can ask Eric, Volts, Eagle, or myself if there are any major server builds that you can build, any build competitions you can participate in, etc. Lastly, please don't assume that just because someone else has become a Builder, that your application has been denied.

When You Become a Builder:

Wow, congratulations, man. You became a Builder! Now that you've become a Builder, you're probably wondering what is expected of you now, what permissions you will receive, and so forth. Now that you are a Builder, it is expected that you maintain a steady AR time and vote frequently. You will also need to build arenas, contribute towards build contests that will help promote the server(these contests will usually be held on Votable or Planet Minecraft), create promotional builds, etc.. Some permissions that you will receive from this rank include:

- Full WorldEdit permissions.
- /gamemode in most worlds
- Ability to edit builds in Safezone/Warzone
- Permissions to set-up certain minigames

Last but certainly not least, be sure to follow the rules and keep a good attitude towards other players on the server. If you give the people around you a bad attitude, then you will only find yourself in trouble. If there is trouble on the server, just do as you would usually if you were the same rank you were before(report them using the format that can be found here).


If you have anymore lingering questions, ask a Builder or Staff member or comment down below. If you are thinking about applying, if you were just curious, or are a Builder and wanted to know about your responsibilies, I hope this guide helped you out. See you guys later and good luck!