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Legend123987 and Juicebox6201

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Level 3
Players Reporting: Legend123987 and Juicebox6201
Reason: Trolling, Talking about Self-Harm, Talking about Politics and Religion
Proof: Screenshots and direct logs are being provided.
Note: OneAAP tempbanned the users for 1 week. :)

[17:40:42] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » That insult doesn' mean anything
[17:40:51] [main/info]: [chat] Juicebox6201 has made the advancement [monster hunter]
[17:40:57] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » In my school, you can get into either normal math, advanced math, or honors math
[17:41:01] [main/info]: [chat] [»] Warning Ground items will be removed in 60 seconds!
[17:41:10] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » And wb NightGuardian4
[17:41:23] [main/info]: [chat] **[premium] Ember » Not mine. We simply have math, and honours. I'll be in Geo next year.
[17:41:38] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Nice!
[17:41:42] [main/info]: [chat] [»] Warning Ground items will be removed in 20 seconds!
[17:41:46] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Ember!? Are you in middle school too?
[17:41:54] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » I am in College Level Statistics.
[17:41:55] [main/info]: [chat] **[premium] Ember » Mmhm. 8th grade as well.
[17:42:28] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Look at all of these young Noblitts
[17:42:41] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Look at yourself.
[17:42:42] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Noblitts?
[17:42:43] [main/info]: [chat] **[premium] Ember » Oh? And how old would you be?
[17:42:47] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » What are those?
[17:42:54] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Don't worry about it
[17:42:54] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » You guys are little kids!
[17:43:09] [main/info]: [chat] **[premium] Ember » Hmm. I suspect borderline pervert.
[17:43:13] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » What about me?
[17:43:15] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » I'm not that old
[17:43:24] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » I'm 63
[17:43:27] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » But, I'm not that young
[17:43:34] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Nice Juicebox6201!
[17:43:43] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » You into geriatrics?
[17:43:53] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » geriatrics?
[17:43:53] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Every day
[17:44:13] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Geriatrics = Geezers
[17:44:25] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Ik
[17:44:31] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Ohh
[17:44:33] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Nvm
[17:44:35] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » the branch of medicine or social science dealing with the health and care of old people. - Geriatrics.
[17:44:40] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Ik
[17:44:48] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Nice Googling skills XD.
[17:44:50] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » For anyone who doesn't know
[17:44:56] [main/info]: [chat] **[premium] Ember » Do you mean like caring for them?
[17:45:02] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Yeah
[17:45:14] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Some people just refer to Senior Citizens as "geriatrics"
[17:45:19] [main/info]: [chat] wookiebearlee joined the game
[17:45:19] [main/info]: [chat] Welcome [guest] wookiebearlee to the server!
[17:45:22] [main/info]: [chat] **[premium] Ember » Welcome to BarberCraft, wookiebearlee!
[17:45:25] [main/info]: [chat] liralee joined the game
[17:45:28] [main/info]: [chat] *[member+] NightGuardian4 » Welcome to BarberCraft, wookiebearlee!
[17:45:30] [main/info]: [chat] **[premium] Ember » Wb
[17:45:34] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Welcome to Barbercraft, wookiebearlee! Please do /rules! Have fun and enjoy Barbercraft!
[17:46:20] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » How old are you, Chicken?
[17:46:35] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Old enough.
[17:46:55] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Dang, you got roasted!
[17:47:05] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Good. don't want any of these young little noblitts having authority
[17:47:06] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Man, he's so cool <3
[17:47:24] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » I am most likely older than you.
[17:47:34] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Juicebox6201 and I are both seniors.
[17:47:37] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Wow, I agree with Legend. You're so cool
[17:47:54] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Seniors? Senior citizens?
[17:48:09] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » That's nice, how is the senior life going?
[17:48:15] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » xD
[17:48:24] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Play golf every weekend with my buddy Earl
[17:48:32] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] liralee » That sounds peaceful
[17:48:39] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Gotta go shopping for diapers every Thursday!
[17:48:39] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Nice, I love a game of golf
[17:48:43] [main/info]: [chat] [»] Warning Ground items will be removed in 60 seconds!
[17:48:54] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » At least Top Golf golf xD
[17:49:11] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Top Golf?
[17:49:23] [main/info]: [chat] [»] Warning Ground items will be removed in 20 seconds!
[17:50:28] [main/info]: [chat] * *[member+] NightGuardian4 is now AFK.
[17:50:33] [main/info]: [chat] * *[member+] NightGuardian4 is no longer AFK.
[17:50:33] [main/info]: [chat] Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.
[17:50:45] [main/info]: [chat] BurningAmbers left the game
[17:51:33] [main/info]: [chat] * [guest] wookiebearlee is now AFK.
[17:54:12] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » You're ugly
[17:54:18] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Who is?
[17:54:21] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Say it in bed, punk
[17:54:24] [main/info]: [chat] * [guest] wookiebearlee is no longer AFK.
[17:54:27] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Hot
[17:54:31] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Hawt*
[17:54:38] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » damn it dax
[17:54:45] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » don;t say that word!
[17:54:47] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » No swearing on this christian server
[17:54:50] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Don't*
[17:54:56] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Colossians 3:8
[17:55:00] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » First off
[17:55:04] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » mmm
[17:55:08] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Oh boy
[17:55:13] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » This isn't a Christian server.
[17:55:14] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Here comes the keyboard warrior
[17:55:34] [main/info]: [chat] * *[member+] NightGuardian4 is now AFK.
[17:55:38] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Yeah
[17:55:41] [main/info]: [chat] * *[member+] NightGuardian4 is no longer AFK.
[17:55:53] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » I'm not Christian :p
[17:56:00] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Muslim?
[17:56:06] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » No
[17:56:10] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Catholic?
[17:56:16] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Nope
[17:56:18] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Hindu?
[17:56:21] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Legend123987, there is no religious talk on this server period.
[17:56:24] [main/info]: [chat] [»] Warning Ground items will be removed in 60 seconds!
[17:56:25] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » So stop.
[17:56:29] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Freedom of Speech
[17:56:35] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » 1st Amendment
[17:56:36] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] liralee » lmfao
[17:56:37] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » But he just said damn. that's a biblical term
[17:56:39] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] liralee » this is a private server
[17:56:47] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » But, not everybody here is from the U.S
[17:56:48] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] liralee » 1st amendment pertains to government and punishment
[17:57:02] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » It's just the U.S government that says that
[17:57:03] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » I am, therefore the Constitution applies to me.
[17:57:04] [main/info]: [chat] [»] Warning Ground items will be removed in 20 seconds!
[17:57:07] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Then they can shut up
[17:57:14] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Preach
[17:57:19] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Actually
[17:57:29] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Preaching isn't allowed on this server :)
[17:57:35] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Soo ya
[17:57:40] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] wookiebearlee » just go to a different server my guy
[17:57:42] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Politics with middle schoolers
[17:57:42] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » This isn't a private server. It is a public server. Nobody is protected by the United States Constitution.
[17:57:55] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Americans are
[17:58:08] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Not on a Minecraft server, sorry bud.
[17:58:12] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » All of your flawed logic is making the server lag
[17:58:19] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Stop it
[17:58:20] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Thanks Juicy
[17:58:28] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Oh really?
[17:58:39] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Here it comes
[17:58:43] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » One minute you're hating on Juicebox6201
[17:58:50] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Now you're supporting him
[17:58:57] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » That's how politics work
[17:58:58] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » lool
[17:59:04] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » What is up with seniors these days?
[17:59:05] [main/info]: [chat] wookiebearlee has made the advancement [monster hunter]
[17:59:10] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » :p
[17:59:16] [main/info]: [chat] Juicebox6201 has made the advancement [diamonds!]
[18:00:07] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » I was gonna say kids but then I realized
[18:00:22] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » That you guys are "seniors"
[18:00:30] [main/info]: [chat] BurningAmbers joined the game
[18:00:35] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Wait what
[18:00:38] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » What did I miss
[18:00:42] [main/info]: [chat] * *[member+] NightGuardian4 is now AFK.
[18:00:44] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Yeah same
[18:00:45] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Wb <3
[18:00:47] [main/info]: [chat] * [member] Legend123987 is now AFK.
[18:00:48] [main/info]: [chat] * [member] Legend123987 is no longer AFK.
[18:00:49] [main/info]: [chat] * [member] Legend123987 is now AFK.
[18:00:49] [main/info]: [chat] * [member] Legend123987 is no longer AFK.
[18:00:54] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » mmm
[18:01:00] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Please don't spam afk
[18:01:01] [main/info]: [chat] * *[member+] NightGuardian4 is no longer AFK.
[18:01:07] [main/info]: [chat] **[premium] Ember » Ack. My internet is driving me crazy.
[18:01:15] [main/info]: [chat] Juicebox6201 was shot by Skeleton
[18:01:18] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Rip
[18:01:27] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Darn
[18:01:32] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] liralee » *pours out a 40 in your honor
[18:01:43] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » To who?
[18:01:44] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » hmmm
[18:01:54] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] liralee » Maybe it's a cultural thing
[18:02:06] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Idk, never heard of that before
[18:02:08] [main/info]: [chat] Tiger_Zebra joined the game
[18:02:08] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] liralee » when someone dies pouring alcohol is like. respect
[18:02:12] [main/info]: [chat] Tiger_Zebra left the game
[18:02:15] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » liralee, Juicebox6201, Legend123987, I hope you know trolling is not allowed on this server.
[18:02:25] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Then why have you let us
[18:02:26] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » We're not trolling.
[18:02:34] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Also Legend
[18:02:38] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Oh, I'm setting you up.
[18:02:40] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Yeah, boo?
[18:02:44] [main/info]: [chat] **[premium] Ember » Really Liralee? Y'know where it's practiced?
[18:02:44] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] liralee » I'm probably too ethnic to participate in these conversations
[18:02:45] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Wow, you're so smart
[18:02:54] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] wookiebearlee » sksknfgjdk f liralee
[18:02:55] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » I've dealt with hundreds of trollers in my life.
[18:03:04] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » May I remind you that you've been muted already in the past
[18:03:10] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » How many medals have you been awarded?
[18:03:18] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » I know what you guys act like.
[18:03:24] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » But I love all the alternatively pigmented population!!!
[18:03:29] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » You're my new role model
[18:03:32] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Also Legend123987
[18:03:32] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » You're so smart
[18:03:37] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Too smart for me, tbh
[18:03:52] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » I'm too good for you, I'm not ur boo
[18:03:54] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » ;)
[18:03:59] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Oh snap
[18:04:01] [main/info]: [chat] **[premium] Ember » You go gurl
[18:04:05] [main/info]: [chat] [»] Warning Ground items will be removed in 60 seconds!
[18:04:08] [main/info]: [chat] **[premium] Ember » Preach
[18:04:10] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » That's the fourth rejection he's gotten since yesterday
[18:04:11] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Oreo, do you have vag?
[18:04:15] [main/info]: [chat] liralee has made the advancement [monster hunter]
[18:04:23] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Umm
[18:04:45] [main/info]: [chat] [»] Warning Ground items will be removed in 20 seconds!
[18:05:10] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » I don't think so
[18:05:12] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » I hate the way you do critical hits in this game now
[18:05:23] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » I agree, it's fag
[18:05:27] [main/info]: [chat] liralee fell from a high place
[18:05:34] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Daxterrr
[18:05:37] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » I agree, it's fag
[18:05:47] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » You messed with my perms
[18:06:03] [main/info]: [chat] * *[member+] NightGuardian4 is now AFK.
[18:06:03] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » His haircut, not his permissions
[18:07:15] [main/info]: [chat] wookiebearlee has made the advancement [stone age]
[18:07:21] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Okay Legend123987, liralee, Juicebox6201
[18:07:26] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » See ya in a week.
[18:07:26] [main/info]: [chat] [member] Legend123987 » Yes madam?
[18:07:33] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] liralee » ?
[18:07:40] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » I haven't said anything though lol
[18:07:46] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Recently
[18:07:47] [main/info]: [chat] Legend123987 left the game
[18:07:50] [main/info]: [chat] **[premium] Ember » Liralee hasn't done anything so far
[18:07:55] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] wookiebearlee » ^
[18:07:57] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] Juicebox6201 » Liralee hasn't done anything
[18:08:02] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Logs say different
[18:08:05] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] wookiebearlee » ^
[18:08:08] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] wookiebearlee » oops
[18:08:12] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] wookiebearlee » not to you lmao
[18:08:15] [main/info]: [chat] The faction Skrebz was disbanded.
[18:08:15] [main/info]: [chat] Juicebox6201 left the game
[18:08:29] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] wookiebearlee » atempting to enforce your rules isnt trolling
[18:08:37] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] wookiebearlee » attempting*
[18:08:42] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » Don't worry
[18:08:57] [main/info]: [chat] ***[helper] OreO » I haven't banned liralee yet
[18:08:59] [main/info]: [chat] ****[premium] Chicken » Okay, reporting.
[18:09:26] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] liralee » I'm just going to leave
[18:09:37] [main/info]: [chat] [guest] wookiebearlee » guess we gotta go find another drug server have fun y'all
[18:09:41] [main/info]: [chat] liralee left the game
[18:09:53] [main/info]: [chat] wookiebearlee left the game
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