-Age (14 and up required): 16
-Name (Last name not required): Jacob
-Skype: (required for chat with text): (Don't have to post if you're not comfortable having it public):Look at images if you wanna communicate with me
What unique contributions can you bring toward the server?: Well my easy going personality, and like my sense of humor.
-Are you willing to vote at least every other day? Yeah
-Have you made a YT video for this server?: Yeah
-If yes would you continue making videos?: Passwords are hard for me but
-How many stars do you have? 4
-Have you had previous issues with staff? Be honest! Not on this server, but i've been banned multiple times from other servers for spamming lyrics of Running in the 90's and then going on the teamspeak and playing earrape running in the 90's.
-Why you think you are fit for this role? Because I've played minecraft forever, i'm funny, easygoing, im creative.
-Are you able to advertise the server? If so explain how: Twitch, Youtube, friends,
-Do you report bugs and glitches you find on the forums? (Links attatched please): Haven't found any
-Do you report players who cause issues? (Links attached please) Idk it's a lot of scrolling to find but I did at somepoint
-Are you active on the forums? Yeah I keep them open all the time just like battle.net
-What is your full AR time: Well like it says 6 hours but thats wrong, been here since like Pax Romana.
-Building experience (1-10) Screen shots appreciated: 3
-Some of your strengths with server work: I can handle people pretty well, I can do my job left alone and Im on quite a bit.
-Have you read the Barbercraft Staff Guidelines: So like im gonna keep it one hundred with you, I didnt know there were staff guidelines but I went through and read them so i'm caught up to speed.
Final note you must agree that your staff rank is subject to termination at any time most likely due to inactivity, attitude issues, lying on your staff app, refusal to vote, etc.