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Survival Revamp _lwp · 12 months ago
Islands Release _lwp · about 1 year ago
Website Update _lwp · about 1 year ago
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Survival Revamp
12 months ago

Barbercraft Survival Hub

Barbercraft is pleased to announce the re-launch of our Survival Minecraft server! This new update will include game play overhauls, new worlds to explore, new features, revamped plugins, and a robust staff team! Join us this Friday at 8 PM EST to enjoy!

Islands Release
about 1 year ago

Sail the high seas and become the king of pirates with our new game mode Islands! Islands adds a unique playing experience where players explore a custom-built map filled with a variety of biomes and treasure to either become a trader making an honest living or a conqueror dominating others. We've also added full-scale ships and nautical combat using a variety of custom plugins. Join Islands to explore new lands, scavenge resources, and conquer territories!

Website Update
about 1 year ago
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Welcome to our new website! It is currently being rapidly updated so please bear with us as we finalize the changes.